Is Big Screen Social a Responsive Display?

Yes! Big Screen Social has been designed to work perfectly on a landscape or portrait screen. The display will change according to the screen you use (eg. TV or computer screen or tall Totem display screen).

Landscape: The image/avatar is displayed on the left, with the text to the right of the image (as shown in the demo video)

Portrait: The text will be displayed underneath the image/avatar.

Both versions use a flip-book like transition between each post (again, as shown in the demo video).

What equipment do we need to run Big Screen Social on?

The software can be run from a laptop or via a Raspberry Pi. Preferably you’ll need either of those to be connected to the internet by Ethernet cable. Although you could run the laptop via WiFi, we recommend using an Ethernet connection for the best results. The software runs in a web browser; we recommend Google Chrome.

Does Big Screen Social work on a tablet or smartphone?

The Big Screen Social Wall can be viewed on a tablet, however we only ever use it on an iPad for demonstration purposes. The purpose of Big Screen Social is to capture the digital activity surrounding an event, award ceremony or celebration. So, the bigger the screen, the more engagement it will generate because it’s much easier to see (compared to a tablet).