Can we customise the Social Wall?

Yes! You can add your logo which will be displayed in the bottom-left corner of the Social Wall. Once your logo is added the Big Screen Social logo will be displayed in the bottom-right corner of the Wall.

You can now also change the colour-scheme of the Wall to match your own brand colours.

And, when you set-up your Wall/s, you can change the wording displayed at the very top of the screen (default text: “See your posts here! Use hashtag #_________ to get involved.”)

If you’d like to chat to us about further personalisation and customisation, please do get in touch with the Big Screen Social Team

Is Big Screen Social a Responsive Display?

Yes! Big Screen Social has been designed to work perfectly on a landscape or portrait screen. The display will change according to the screen you use (eg. TV or computer screen or tall Totem display screen).

Landscape: The image/avatar is displayed on the left, with the text to the right of the image (as shown in the demo video)

Portrait: The text will be displayed underneath the image/avatar.

Both versions use a flip-book like transition between each post (again, as shown in the demo video).

How long does a Twitter Wall last?

If you’re using the Free Package, your Wall will be active for just 3 hours and you won’t be able to set another Wall up until 24 hours after the first Wall has expired.

If you’ve purchased the Event Package once you activate a Wall it will be live for 24 hours. If you wish to run the Wall for more than 1 day at a time, you will need to purchase more credits after logging into your dashboard and you will need to set up a new wall for each 24 hour period once the previous Wall has has finished.

If you’ve purchased the Venue Package you will have unlimited use of a Wall. Please note that with this package you can only have three Walls active at any one time.

Please note that you won’t be able to activate a Wall without purchasing at least one credits or signing up for the monthly unlimited package.

What is a Credit?

When you purchase the Event Package you will buy one credit. Further credits can be purchased once you log in to your account.

1 credit = 24 hours. Once you activate a Twitter Wall the credit will be deducted from your account. Credits can be purchased for £39 per day or you can purchase a monthly subscription which doesn’t require credits due to the unlimited use feature of the subscription.

How many screens can I display the Twitter Wall on at once?

There are two ways to have multiple displays with Big Screen Social:


  • Split the video signal from the computer running it and connect multiple screens (AV company can help here, limit would be down to the hardware available). All screens will display the same update at the same time. This is the best approach if you have two screens in the same room.


  • Run multiple computers and set them to a different “Screen” within Big Screen Social. We support up to four independent screens this way (or groups of screens as you could split the output for each one as per above). Each screen will display different updates in a different order, but all updates will be shown across all screens. This is the best approach if you want the wall in multiple rooms but with the same content.

Where should we place Big Screen Social at our event?

As well as having a screen as BIG as possible, the screen/s needs to be placed where people will easily see it/them. This could be in as a backdrop to an awards evening, between speakers, while a meal is being served at a dinner, next to the stage at live events, a networking space or food court area. You could event opt for multiple screens across the venue.

Do we have to leave a laptop with the screen all day?

Yes and no. An alternative is to use a Raspberry Pi instead of a laptop. This can be pre-programmed and ready to plug into the screen. If you do wish to use a laptop then yes, the laptop must stay connected to the screen, have internet access and stay switched on. If the laptop switches to sleep mode (or screen-saver) then the second screen will automatically go blank. It’s the same principal as using a projector for a slide-show.

Does Big Screen Social come with a screen?

Not unless you want it to. The Big Screen Social packages gives you a unique access to the platform where you can set-up and moderate what appears on the wall.

We can provide screen/s on request at an additional cost, however we are aware that many venues already have their own AV equipment, and events teams often work alongside AV companies who can provide the equipment.

What screen size should we use to display Big Screen Social?

The bigger the better! No, really! We recommend that you don’t go below a 60inch screen to ensure that the tweets are displayed to your advantage. If the venue is large, we suggest using a large (high resolution) LED display, video wall, monitor or projector screen.