What does Big Screen Social actually display?

When you purchase a package for Big Screen Social you’ll receive a unique log-in which will give you access to your own dashboard. Within the dashboard you can set up a wall where you can specify the hashtag that you want Big Screen Social to look out for, It will then display any tweets and/or Instagram posts featuring the hashtag within the body of text. Not only does it work with hashtags but you can also choose to display tweets from a specified Twitter account.

Big Screen Social has been designed to be highly visual and engaging. Each tweet or Instagram post is displayed along with an image. If a tweet or post has a photo with it, the photo will display alongside the text. If there isn’t a photo with the post, the avatar (profile picture) will display alongside the text instead. This is not only eye-catching but it gives the wall users free air-time for their brand.

If you’re still unsure take a look at our demo video which shows you exactly what Big Screen Social looks like and how content is displayed.