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Add another string to your bow!

If you’re organising an event or involved with events then Big Screen Social is for you! It’s NOT just your average Twitter Wall but a highly visual social media wall which can display content from both Twitter and Instagram. Easy to set-up and use whether it’s a one-off or for multiple events.

Did you know that Big Screen Social is designed to amplify digital messages through the power of social media and hashtags? The social media display is perfect for encouraging engagement and raising brand awareness at events, conferences, festivals, celebrations and more!

Whether you’re organising or exhibiting at an event, Big Screen Social is a fun, visual way of engaging with delegates, speakers and exhibitors alike! Turn attendees into advocates by using a specific hashtag and displaying social content through Big Screen Social.

What makes Big Screen Social different from other social media walls? Well, Big Screen Social always displays a visual alongside the text. The clear design of the Big Screen Social display ensures that the tweet or post which are on screen are clear to see and easy to read.

If a tweet doesn’t have an image uploaded with it, Big Screen Social automatically displays the account Profile Picture to ensure there is always a visual (whether a photo or logo). This is a great way to give both guests, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors free exposure on the big screen!

Big Screen Social is available for single-use (24 hours) or as an Unlimited Monthly Package – which means that it can be used throughout the month for various events or even in-house! Simply choose an effective hashtag for the event and encourage guests to tweet and Instagram using the specified hashtag to appear on screen.

Event Package
Brilliant for one off events
£39 + VAT
per 24 hours
Simple to set up
Moderation tools
Set up in advance
Single or Multi-Day Events
Support Available