Are you looking to add something different and exciting to your Room Hire Packages? Whether you have existing AV equipment at the venue or clients hire in their own, Big Screen Social can add that extra bit of fun to an event as well as raise brand awareness for them too!

Big Screen Social is perfect for encouraging digital engagement at exhibitions, conferences, awards ceremonies and celebrations through the effective use of an event hashtag! It’s simple to set-up and easy to use.

Our platform is designed to creatively display content from Twitter and Instagram in a highly visual way in order to attract attention and encourage digital engagement. This is through encouraging guests and delegates to tweet and post using a specific hashtag.

What makes Big Screen Social different to other social media walls? Well, Big Screen Social always displays a visual alongside the text. The clear design of the Big Screen Social display ensures that the tweet or post which are on screen are clear to see and easy to read.

If a tweet doesn’t have an image uploaded with it, Big Screen Social automatically displays the account Profile Picture to ensure there is always a visual (whether a photo or logo). This is a great way to give both guests, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors free exposure on the big screen!

There is also an option to add your own logo to the bottom of the display. Big Screen Social logo will move to the right corner and the uploaded logo will display in the left corner – if there’s an event sponsor, it’s a great idea for a sponsorship opportunity!

Big Screen Social is available for single-use (24 hours) or as an Unlimited Monthly Package – which means that it can be used throughout the venue even when there isn’t an event booked in! Simply choose an effective hashtag for your venue and encourage guests to tweet and Instagram using your hashtag to appear on screen.

Venue Package
Perfect for business hubs and conference centres.
£99 + VAT
per month
Up to 3 walls active
Moderation Tools
Support Available